小林観光ブルーベリー園 Kobayashikanko Blueberry Orchards

小林観光ブルーベリー園 Kobayashikanko Blueberry Orchards


開園期間 Opening period

6月中旬~9月上旬頃From mid-June to early September

(生育状況により前後する場合がございます)(The period may change according to the plants’ growth condition)

開園時間Opening hours


(17:00までに受付を頂けましたらご案内致します)(You can enter the orchard as long as you reach the reception by 17:00)

入園料Entrance fee

大人:700円/子供(4歳~小学生まで):500円 Adults: ¥700/ Children (from 4-year-olds to elementary school students):¥500

園内食べ放題、団体割引有り(15名様より対応致します) Eat as much as you want within the park. Group discounts apply (for 15 people and more)

(バケツ採りプランの場合は入園料は必要ありません)(No entrance fee required for the bucket-picking plan)

駐車場Parking space

約50台(大型観光バスの駐車場も数台分準備がございます) About 50 cars (There are several parking lots available for large sightseeing buses.)


*Pets are not allowed into the garden.
*You can eat as many blueberries as you want within the farm, but please refrain from taking home blueberries in your containers and bags other than the packs and buckets provided by us (see the two plans above).

ご利用プラン Usage plan

  • パック採りプラン Pack-picking plan

    1パック:800円 1 pack: ¥800

    お一人様何パックでもお持ち帰り可 You can take home as many packs as you want

    1パック800円 1 pack: ¥800

    お一人様何パックでもお持ち帰り頂けます。(受付で空パックを購入して頂き、お好きな実を摘み取って頂きます。パックいっぱいに摘み取って頂くと約400g入ります) You can take home as many packs as you want (Purchase the empty packs at the reception and pick your favorite fruits to fill them. A full pack can contain approximately 300 g of blueberries.)

  • バケツ採りプラン Bucket-picking plan

    お一人様:2,800円~ Starting at ¥2,800 per person

    摘み採り後に計量〈10g=14円〉 Weighing after picking (10g = ¥14)

    お一人様で2Kg以上摘み取ってください。 Please pick at least 2 kg per person.

    摘み取りが終わりましたら計量をさせて頂き、10g=14円で計算させて頂きます。 Once you are done picking we will weigh your harvest and charge ¥14 per 10g.

    お一人様、バケツを持たれて入園されたら最低2,800円かかります。(バケツ一杯に摘み取りをされたら約5,600円とお考えください) Entering the farm with a bucket will cost upwards of ¥2,800 per person. (Picking a full bucket’s worth will amount to about ¥5,600)

    バケツ採りの場合、入園料は必要ありませんが、ご来園の人数など事前にご連絡をお願い致します。 The entrance fee is not required for the bucket-picking plan, but please let us know the number of visitors in advance.

    持ち帰りにはクーラーボックスなど保冷の効く入れ物をご持参ください。(摘み取り用バケツは要返却です) Please bring a cooler or another cooling container to bring the blueberries back to your home. (Please return the picking bucket)